I just designed some coloring sheets for a cool little restaurant, Blackfish Cafe, at the beach in Lincoln City.  So here are some more fish!  If you want to try them out, click on the images below.  After coloring, you could even cut them out and use them in your Box Aquarium.

Click on the images below, then print.

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  1. viny

    Thank you! They were enlarged, printed and laminated to a memory and play at the beach!
    Bise, a fan made in France!

  2. Lori Henriques

    lovely lines. reminds me of the picasso drawing in the documentary we watched years ago. the fish inside the bird inside something else… was that it?

  3. 'Joyce'

    Just love your work Joel. I can see fabric printed with your beautiful fish. Hmmmm, I see a shopping bag for me in it, and beach shorts for my little ones. Then I would give them fabric paints to colour in their own pants.

  4. Joel Henriques


    Lori – Yeah, that was the The Mystery of Picasso. I love that movie. So fun to watch him drawing and painting. I think the painting you're talking about ended up being a chicken.

    'Joyce' – Thanks! Yes, I've always thought it would be really fun to design fabric prints.

  5. andrea of ffft

    OK, I caved. My friend has been posting your link nearly every day and I always think I will get over and visit this site when I "get a minute". So today I got a minute and have just kept coming back. I thoroughly researched your blog, book and life (through Bloesem) and now feel a bit like a stalker, but I have to say that you are brilliant and I am inspired.

  6. Joel Henriques

    andrea of ffft – I'm glad you caved. That was a seriously kind post you did too. Not sure I deserve it. I think you summed up my whole philosophy on life when you said I'm " an at home dad who takes his role very seriously in a not so serious manner." Thanks again, and glad you like blog.

  7. Joel Henriques

    Thanks everyone!

    Alexandra Duṛo РThat game looks great! Thanks for showing me that photo.

  8. B

    Joel We found some of ur coloring pages at the Daily cafe in the Pearl. They were a real hit with kids. They ofcourse want us to take on building the play house of urs for them.

    Amazing Amazing work

  9. Joel Henriques

    B – Thanks, yeah, the Daily Cafe in the Pearl is really great. I love that place. And yes, that play house is a pretty big project for sure. Fun though. And really a bonus for the rainy days we get in Portland.

  10. Kimberly

    You've got to be kidding me!?! We were just at the coast, starving and looking for a place to eat. I said "oh keep driving honey. Blackfish looks too fancy for us" meaning we have an 11 month-old who flings Cheerios at mealtimes…next time perhaps we'll put those sheets to use!

  11. Joel Henriques


    Kimberly – Ha, that's so funny. And you're kind of right. The Blackfish is pretty nice food, but very comfortable, and a really great kids menu.