Here is a quick snake I made for my son. Very simple, but it seems to be well received! He’s been hissing all morning.

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  1. Joel Henriques

    Thanks. And yes, Fridica, that is a great idea! Maybe insert a tube of some sort and fill that with rice, then put stuffing around that. I'll have to try that on the next one!

    Andi – You're right, but it's a very wet Thhhhhhh, so it sounds a little like Sssssss too. ha! Very funny to watch.

  2. Kickcan and Conkers

    Love, love, love it! reminds me of the draught excluders we had when Iwas a kid… but oh, so much nicer!

  3. Amy

    My little guy says his "S's" the same way! Love this little snake and will have to see what I can do to whip one up for our house! You are such a good daddy and your blog is very fun and inspiring to read!

  4. Thalita Dol

    I just found your blog, it's so inspiring!!

    Now you have a fan in Brazil!

    hugs to your little ones!

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Joel,
    I have found your site by accident today. How WUNDERFUL!
    I Love it.
    I have 3 boys under 4 years (also twins) and I love to be creative with them. But I am a woman and my ideas are more "feminin". But now I have a lot of "male" ideas…
    I love the "fish-thing".
    again: WONDERFUL
    You are great and perfect.
    Best wishes
    Karin, Germany

  6. Joel Henriques

    Thanks everybody!

    And "She can't Decide", those dress-up drawings with the scrap booking paper are awesome! I love the swimsuits! ha. very cool outfits all around.