While finding branches in my yard for the doll house, it got me thinking about what else I could do with them. I just finished making some new bird collages for an upcoming art show, so I scanned them and printed out smaller versions. Then cut them out, and wired them to the branch. Kind of soothing to look at.

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  1. Ed Kuehnel

    Pretty cool, Joel. You should submit those pics to a craft magazine or a magazine like Real Simple or something. They'd probably be interested and maybe plug your blog.


  2. Miggy

    Dude–I too just found your blog though Say Yes, and then I saw a comment from you on my blog. I felt cool. You have some rad stuff and I find your constant flow of ideas {and follow through} inspiring… as an former-still-trying-to-be an artist, I always struggling with putting pen to paper. Good job.

  3. Tina

    Hi Joel – I just found your blog via the lovely Hardaker & Pope blog. I love your blog!! These birds are gorgeous and as a Mum of 3 daughters, I am loving all the craft things that you do for and with your children – very inspiring!!! So happy to have found your blog:) Have a lovely day – Tina.