I’ve seen little books like this all around, but now that I have a sewing machine I finally got to make some. I made the covers from thick art magazine covers, and then used a paper cutter to cut the pages. Then just fold the papers in half, and sew a line down the middle. Simple and very satisfying!

It’s going to really be fun when the kids get old enough to write and illustrate their own stories. But even now it’s a great activity. They’re having a great time drawing in them!

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  1. Anonymous

    joel, you're totally awesome! your kids are so lucky! how are you enjoying your etching press? I'm thinking of getting one. jean

  2. Joel Henriques

    Thanks! Yeah, I'm really enjoying my press. I just took a class a week ago and learned a lot of cool tricks!

  3. Joel Henriques

    Nice Lilla – I love your book designs! So funny that you had the same old issue of Wallpaper magazine for the green one. I should make some more of these. They're so fun and fast to make.

  4. Anonymous

    I found your blog from Ohdeedoh. Thanks for this quick and easy idea! I just made a book for my little guy and I can't wait to share it with him tonight!

  5. Joel, I recently discovered your website (thanks to Parents Magazine). I love making upcycled items with my sewing machine; your baby toys inspired me to make geometry shapes from homemade felt and animal feed bags (I need to post those on my blog!). This particular post got me thinking of a way to repurpose security envelopes! I could use the patterns as the pages. Thanks, Joel!

    1. Cool! Yes, I’d love to see what you came up with. Let me know when you post photos. Your bags and other projects looks fantastic!