Here’s a little climbing toy I made. I used to have one when I was a kid and loved playing with it. I just hung it in the art room. We’ll have to see if the kids can make it climb when they get up from naps.

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  1. Joel Henriques

    Hey stephanie. I had a bear version of this toy when I was a kid too! I loved it! There's something special about a toy that hangs from your bedroom ceiling.

  2. Anonymous

    It looks so cute!
    How does it work? and How did you make it? I would like to make something like that for my 18 month old. Do you think it could be made from cardboard? I don't work with wood.

    you have lots of great ideas!!!!!


  3. Kerry Gibbett

    Hi Joel,
    A huge thanks for the site. I’m an occupational therapist in Sydney. I work with kids and often feel a little sad that children (and parents) often have little idea of how to make things with their kids that they can also use and play with. Not only is is the fine motor and the planning skills but also the interaction which is such a great part of the process. There is nothing quite like the joy of playing with an object which you are invested in as you have planned, made, modified and decorated. It is a gap in the modern way of life. I too like technology but not to replace this kind of activity. The issue is that it isn’t now a necessity to make your own toys – it comes down to desire. I wish everyone would have the chance. It makes for more creative (and less wasteful) people. Good for you – what a difference you are making.

    1. Thanks so much Kerry. Sounds like we definitely have the same view on toy making and crafting with kids. Awesome! And thanks for the very kind note!


  4. The climbing “figure” is an old toy; I think, children can do a template by themselves. Fold a sheet of paper, cut a figure out (perhaps a boy or girl…
    – some rules must be given..- and than cut out…drill than the holes..

    if you do not unrestand exactly what i mean (my bad english) i can send pics from my schoolwork…Feel free to ask!