Embroidery Pattern for Circus Unicycle Shirt

I recently finished a unicycle embroidered shirt. And some of you on the Facebook page requested a template. So here it is! If you’ve never done embroidery before, here is a simple tutorial. It’s fast and fun! Happy stitching! Click on the image below, then print. (Note – I used almost all backstitch for this project. Also, the size …

DIY Sleep Mask

Our twins love to get up early in the morning and play together while the rest of us are still asleep. But now baby E is wanting to get up early too. So, when I get the chance to nap, I’ve usually ended up with a stuffed animal draped over my eyes to block out the bright light in the room. That inspired me to try making a sleep mask out of some …

DIY Paper Necktie For Kids

My wife took the kids to see the Pinkalicious musical today here in Portland. My daughter had a pink dress all picked out, but my son realized he had nothing pink to wear. So we quickly made this paper necktie together with an old cover of an Art Forum Magazine. It was very fast to make. We cut out the main shape of the tie, then glued on some strips …

New Embroidered Shirt

I just finished this embroidered shirt, now that it’s getting to be long-sleeve weather here. The design is actually some flower pots from an old sketch I did for one of these coloring sheets. While I was making it, my son got a piece of paper and said he wanted to draw the design too. His flower pot drawing is at the bottom. Cool!

Handmade Patch for Favorite Pants

My son loves stripy pants as much as I like stripy socks. You can see in this old post that he’s been sporting these trousers for almost a year and a half. After finally wearing a hole in them, we tried to talk him into cut-off shorts, but he didn’t like the idea of his favorite pants being cut, so I ended up making a patch. It’s very …

Enjoying our Baby

We’ve had a great week of family time with our new baby. I’ll be posting some more crafts and coloring sheets very soon! Until then, some of you requested to see the DIY baby socks in action. So here you go!

DIY Baby Socks

First off, I’m very excited to to announce that we will be having a new baby girl in six weeks! Our four year old twins have been having a great time helping us get ready. We’ve been wanting to make some baby booties for weeks now, but haven’t gotten around to it. Then today, I thought I’d try just turning my old socks into baby …

Holiday Shirts!

8 cousins = 8 hand embroidered holiday shirts! I asked all the parents what they thought their kids would like, and then went to work. I might have to make an R2-D2 for myself! I put them in my bird boxes and made little circle collages for decoration.

Another Embroidered Bird Shirt

A friend of mine has been wanting me to make a bird shirt for her, so she finally came to my house with a blank shirt and made me make her one. Here is a little video that she took of the process. You can see my other shirts here and here if you’d like.

I’ve sewn a skirt!

I’ve just made my first article of clothing with the sewing machine! A skirt for my daughter. I found this cool (and easy) skirt pattern on the bolt fabric blog. I even ended up with a pretty straight top seam! How’s that for some sewing lingo.