More News From the Christmas Cat

The little Christmas Cat from the Holiday gift tags got the job of posing for my sister Lori’s little piano holiday album, “Playing for Christmas.” You can listen to it here on iTunes, if you’d like. Happy Holidays!

Parents’ Choice Gold Award For My Sister Lori’s Album!

Wow, I’m so excited for my sister Lori. Today her album, “Outside My Door – Songs For Children Of all Ages” got a Parents’ Choice Gold Award! Nice work Lori! See the Parents’ Choice review of Lori’s album here if you’d like! Listen or get Lori’s album at her site, or on iTunes. “We are excited to announce …

Muses Nine – Album by Becky Billock

Here is another fantastic album that I got to design the cover for. Becky Billock is a classical pianist who has recorded Muses Nine, where she performs a wonderful selection of classical pieces by female composers. The cd is available on Becky’s site, or you can get it here on iTunes. If you enjoy classical music, definitely check it out!

Lori Henriques Album – Outside My Door

My sister Lori has a new album of original songs entitled “Outside My Door – Songs For Children Of all Ages.” I did the artwork for it, which some of you might recognize since I used the Paper City and added some color and a few extra details relating to her lyrics. The design layout by our friend Paul Johnson turned out so fun that …

The Table of Contents Album Cover

Some friends of mine have a great pop rock band and they asked me to do the cover for their debut album.  I ended up doing a 36X36 inch painting on canvas.  They did a great job of incorporating the painting into the design of the cd packaging too.  Very fun!  If you’re curious and want to check out the music (it really is quite awesome), …

Lullaby Piano

This post is a shout out to my sister. She recorded this classical piano album after becoming a mom. I think it’s brilliant, but of course I’m partial. I also did the artwork. It is available on iTunes Music Store, or at