10 + years
Now that I’m on an embroidery roll, I decided to make some owl shirts. I think it might be part therapy too, since all three of my owl paintings sold at my last art show. (You can see a video below of me painting them, if you’d like.)
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My wife’s Birthday is coming up, and I just finished making her a wool felt embroidered brooch. I got this great idea from Tiny Happy, a really cool craft blog. I pretty much copied her design, which wasn’t too creative of me, but I really thought my wife would love it. Also, I’m really new...
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I’ve been wanting to make some wire animal sculptures for awhile, and finally got around to it. I thought it would be fun to make the heads out of wood and paint them. They’re definitely Alexander Calder and Joan Miró inspired. Also below is a quick video of me making one, if you want to...
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