I made a little sheep this morning out of wire and scrap material.  It’s simple, but it feels good, and it seems to like standing on my Olle Eksell book.  I’ll let the kids play with it when they get up from their naps.

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  1. Marisa@make*happy

    I love this! Make a few more and then you'll need to make a mod barn for them to sleep in. :)

  2. Minna

    It´s really great idea again, thank you Joel ! Olle Eksell is fantastic. I just ordered his Mazetti poster.

  3. fridica

    Sheep! Baaah, baaah, baaah! :) I've been watching live lambings on BBC – it's lambing season here in the UK, so this is super timely! :)

  4. Joel Henriques


    Marisa – I recently was having a mysterious urge to try painting a modern farm painting with an abstract barn, horses and sheep. Maybe I could just build the toy version instead. Or both!

    Minna – I love Olle Eksell, and so do my kids. His furry little birds and abstract creatures are so great! Also, I really like the new look of your site. I love the big whale banner! Very cool.

    Fridica – I didn't know it was lambing season! I must have felt the energy of all the cute new little lambs being born. More wool for you to knit with!

  5. journey

    This reminds me of a very sophisticated version of some worry doll animals I was just helping grade schoolers make at International Day at our school. We used twist ties and yarn.

  6. Anonymous

    I thought your post was so tender and touching…especially the part about your little ones playing with the new creation once they awoke from their naps. It suddenly reminded me of when my mom would make doll outfits for me and when I arrived home from school..voila…there my doll would be adorned in her latest fashion. How lovely to have creative parents~

  7. Anonymous

    I don't know how for long have I been on your blog,,,but i sure can hear my Hubby snore away to glory for a very long time.
    I wish I could subscribe your blog,,the thing is I'm new at blogging,and somehow can't figure out where the subscribe button on your page is (it must sound lame to many reading this comment,i know).

    So anyways,I just had to tell you,,you are really amazing with all the creativity at your disposal,,I'm so inspired right now.. it's a pity I have to go to sleep (early day tomorrow).But that's not going to keep me from visiting your blog in the future… have a creative day ahead of you.Thank you.
    Pinky Babaria

  8. Joel Henriques

    Thanks everyone!

    And I will be adding a "subscribe by email" soon. The blogspot version doesn't work at the moment. I'll let everyone know when I have a solution. Thanks!