Baby Girl and the Giraffe

Baby E got ahold of my son’s old giraffe toy that I made when the twins were little, and she is having a pretty good time with it. I just used some natural canvas fabric and drew on it with non-toxic fabric pens. It’s held up really well over the last two years. I might have to make another one now, so she can have her own. Nice!

Handmade Patch for Favorite Pants

My son loves stripy pants as much as I like stripy socks. You can see in this old post that he’s been sporting these trousers for almost a year and a half. After finally wearing a hole in them, we tried to talk him into cut-off shorts, but he didn’t like the idea of his favorite pants being cut, so I ended up making a patch. It’s very …

Craft for Etsy Blog – Fabric Nesting Dolls

I was very honored when Etsy recently asked if I’d be interested in making a new craft to post on their blog. I decided to make these fabric nesting dolls. The idea for them came after I painted a set of nesting dolls for a friend of mine. She said I should try making some nesting dolls that her niece and nephew could play with; maybe using fabric. …

Vintage Wood Figures

I was digging around in my box of vintage wood scraps, and decided to make some little figures with a few of the small colorful pieces.  We used paint pens to draw on them, so it was an easy way to make a fun set of dolls to play with. And look at this great set that my son made.  He colored them with regular makers, then wanted to make playground …

Driftwood Fish

We’re headed to the beach again this weekend, so I was in the mood to get out the driftwood pieces from our last trip and paint them.  I ended up using non-toxic paint pens (Painters Opaque Paint Markers by Elmer’s), which made it really fast and easy.  It’s amazing how much fun a bunch of wood and rocks can be.  We had a great …

More Stuffed Animals

I just made some more stuffed animals for the kids. Simple natural canvas fabric, and the I drew on them with some non-toxic fabric pens. They’re really liking them so far!

Sewing Machine!

My mom just got her old Pfaff sewing machine all tuned up so I could have it. It’s going to be fun making stuff for the kids. I made the lion this morning, and also an outfit for one of my wooden dolls from a holey Paul Smith sock that I never had the heart to throw away. Cool!