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Hi Joel and readers, I’m excited to be here again! Our house has been a busy one with a 3½ year old boy who is seriously into creative dress-up play (mostly as a firefighter as you will see in the photos below) and a 10 month old boy who is on the move!

One of my favorite things is to make something out of nothing. These crowns were made from cereal boxes, the boys had a great time playing with them and they are crazy easy to make!

MBJ Max & Fancy

I’ve included a pattern for two of the styles, the Max and Fancy Crown. You certainly don’t need to use a pattern, feel free to let your creativity guide you and come up with your own style. One of the crowns is modeled after Max from the book, Where The Wild Things Are, this book has become a new favorite for my older son.

The whole project is super straight forward, I hope you enjoy watching how our crowns came together, and that you enjoy making your own.

Here we go:

MBJ materials800

Gather materials {cardboard (not too thick), glue gun, rubber band or elastic and decorating materials}

MBJ max crown pieces800

Cut out your piece(s), use the pattern (link here) or get creative on your own. Glue on strap if needed (Max crown or your own design).

MBJ hole punch800

Punch holes and decorate if you’d like!

MBJ elastic-rubber band800

Secure back with either rubber band or elastic. I ended up sewing elastic on my boy’s crowns because the sewing machine was right there and the elastic didn’t snag their hair.

MBJ g in fancy crown

MBJ king crown diptych

That’s it! Pretty fun right? I can see these taking shape as flower crowns, or decorated with fresh leaves. They would make a fabulous birthday party project if you had the pieces all cut and guests were able to decorate them. You could add a little tulle for a girly touch. The possibilities are aplenty! If you make your own please put a link in the comments so I can check it out.

Phoebe Carpenter Eells is a wife, mama, artist and middle school teacher. She sells all kinds of handmade goodies over at elSage Designs and blogs from time to time too.


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  1. I love that crowns are for boys too! We have ‘pirate’ jewelry as well. My son loves sparkles as much as any girl. It just has to been green! We have big jewel rings that we drew spiders and webs on for a pirate prince costume. And we have big 80s clip-on earrings that are treasures to wear anywhere!

    Thanks for the inspiration. These crowns are adorable.
    You can see the birthday crown from felt I made my son here:

  2. GLITTER! I’m telling you, GLITTER! I know this because I’ve done it. This is the house of glitter. Anyway, love upcycled crowns, and these look great. Love your stuff.

    1. Ha, that’s awesome. I was in a band for years too. Miss those days. I still do a lot of music, just don’t get to do shows. Maybe when the kids get older! Anyway, nice crowns! Great song too.

  3. Hey!! This site is awesome!! The reason being I play music in a band called the cardboard crowns and our lead singers name is Joel! I wouldn’t say our music is appropriate for the toddlers on this page though it may make the adults inquire and inevitably groove!!!

    Have an awesome day, because you have made mine equally so!!



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